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Hemoglobin task (Duncan, Rogat, and Yarden, 2009)
Task description: There is a protein called hemoglobin found in red blood cells that binds oxygen. It is possible that gene mutations could arise that prevents hemoglobin from binding oxygen. Explain how a mutation could cause this problem. Expected responses:
Grades 5-6: Not applicable.
Grades 7-8: Maybe a protein in the cell is changed so the cell cannot carry oxygen.
Grades 9-10: Maybe the hemoglobin protein is changed in shape, because of a mutation in a gene, so that hemoglobin cannot bind oxygen.
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Muscular dystrophy task (Duncan, Rogat, and Yarden, 2009)
Task description: Some people are born with a genetic disease called muscular dystrophy. People with this disease have great difficulty in walking or exercising. Can you explain what might be causing these problems? Expected responses:
Grades 5-6: Maybe these people have muscle cells that do not work well or maybe they have fewer muscle cells.
Grades 7-8: Maybe their muscle cells do not move well because the proteins in these cells do not work well.
Grades 9-10: Maybe their muscle cells do not move well because the proteins in these cells do not work as a result of a mutation in a gene.
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