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Cause and effect
An event, phenomenon, or system is altered by internal or external factors.
2190 PADI amcolker  
Change over time
A sequence of events is presented to highlight sequential or cyclical change in a system.
2189 PADI amcolker  
General to Specific or Whole to Parts
A general topic is initially presented followed by the presentation of specific aspects of the general topic.
2224 PADI lructtinger  
A student or scientist completes an investigation in which one or more variables may be observed or manipulated and data are collected
2186 PADI amcolker  
Specific to general and Parts to whole
Specific characteristics of a phenomenon are presented, culminating in a description of the system or phenomenon as a whole.
2187 PADI amcolker  
Topic with Examples
A given topic is presented using various examples to highlight the topic.
2188 PADI amcolker  

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